"The ultimate aim of yoga is to live joyfully and fearlessly. A master teacher embodies this promise and is an inspirational force capable of empowering others to do the same."
Rod Stryker

Honey Freis

Honey Freis

I began practicing hatha yoga in 1996… and was hooked from the ?rst class. Mindful movement, breath awareness and an overall renewed sense of well-being are what kept me practicing, plus, let’s face it, at no other time in my life had I felt more rested and peaceful than in Savasana at the end of each class.

Teaching Schedule

MON – 9:15 am Level 1 & 2

TU – 6:15 pm Beginner Yoga

WED – 9:15 pm Gentle Yoga

FRI – 9:15 am Level 1 & 2

SUN – 9:15 am Gentle Yoga

Karen Dixon Jones
RYT 500

Karen Dixon Jones RYT 500

Karen teaches creatively and energetically to combine awareness of the breath through movement and expression. Her intention is to develop a conscious connection of mindfulness and balance. She loves teaching Hatha, Gentle, Yin, Chair and Restorative Yoga and Meditation. She is certified in Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga and Camilla Nair Aqua Kriya Yoga.

Teaching Schedule

MON - 6:15 pm Gentle & Meditation

TUE - 9:15 am Stretch & Flow

SAT – 9:15 am Yoga Flow

SAT – 10:30 am Yin Yoga & Meditation

Paige Briton
200 RYT

Paige Briton Yoga Teacher

My goal is to make yoga fun and challenging, to bring awareness to breath, body and mind while keeping it light hearted with a smile. I enjoy teaching to all levels with no judgement in a positive and calming way. Playing with my dogs, hiking, laying in the sun, and traveling with my husband are a few of my favorite activities.

Teaching Schedule

TH – 9:15 am Yoga Flow

SUN –5:00 pm Yoga Flow

Corrie Jorns

Corrie Jorns Yoga Teacher

Corrie has been practicing and teaching the past four years in yoga studios and fitness facilities around the DFW area and with inner-city children, she enjoys encouraging the body and the mind to be both challenged and relaxed through the teachings of yoga.

Teaching Schedule

WED – 6:15 pm Yin Yoga & Meditation

Susan Holdrich

Susan Holdrich Yoga Teacher

I started teaching yoga in 2004 in Aiken, SC when my first yoga teacher moved back to Australia. My personal mission when teaching is to make each person comfortable throughout class and feel confident on their mat. I love teaching all levels and have a special place in my heart for beginners and restorative.

Teaching Schedule

TH – 5:30 pm Move and Restore

Kim Carothers

Kim Carothers Yoga Teacher

Kim Carothers (Sadhana Kaur) found a spiritual home in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2003 when she attended her first class in Milford New Hampshire. In 2004 she was blessed by the Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan with the spiritual name Sadhana (strong spiritual practice) Kaur (lioness or princess).

Teaching Schedule

SUN – 6:15 pm Kundalini Yoga

Susan Whigham
LMT, RYT-500

Susan Whigham Yoga Teacher

I am a registered yoga teacher with 500 hours and a licensed massage therapist. As a Thai Yoga practitioner, I could see the connection between therapeutic massage and corrective yoga. I started giving yoga “homework” to my private clients and immediately saw improvements between sessions. I could see yoga was undoing the damage done from injuries and even their everyday activities. Yoga was helping to overcome physical and emotional trauma. The healing power of yoga led me to the path to become a yoga teacher. When not on my mat, I’m usually in front of my easel or with my husband, two kids, and menagerie of pets.

Teaching Schedule

WED – 6:15 pm Deep Stretch

Tracy Carruth
E-RYT 500, AYS, RYS 200 & 300, BS

For the past nineteen years, I have been practicing and teaching the principles of yoga and other wisdom traditions with the intention to inspire compassion, awaken inner wisdom and joy. Sharing the applications of yoga and conscious lifestyle practices to support your path to true well being and peace.

Brandie Sellers
500hr CYT, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist

Brandie Sellers teaches yoga, meditation, nutrition and cooking, paints, writes, runs and plays with her children. She does not iron. She is a two-time breast cancer survivor and a divorcee. She is mostly vegan but has a relationship with cheese which she isn’t quite ready to let go. She’s crazy about her three children and being upside down.

Teaching Schedule