• Kirtan with Rudra Das
    at Yoga Balance
  • Sunday Nov. 18th
  • 2:30-4:00pm
  • $25

Spend time in devotional chanting known as Kirtan at Yoga Balance Studio.

Mantra (or chant) is either a word or phrase to be repeated in japa meditation or sung in kirtan, or kirtana, songs. Both practices come from the bhakti yoga tradition, often defined as the yoga of devotion.

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About Rudra Das

Born in Dallas to a family of musicians, Rudra Das was first introduced to devotional music as a small boy in a full-gospel church playing the drums at age 5 and was immersed in music singing praises to God. In the fall of 2003, an experience during pranayama (yogic breathing exercise) would alter the course of his life through Kundalini awakening. Rudra Das began chanting and mantra work thereafter. In 2008, he studied with renowned Kirtan leaders Bhagavan Das and Durga Das (aka David Newman). Through them, he was immersed in the grace of Baba Neem Karoli (Maharaji), initiated into this path of Bhakti, and given the name Rudra Das.