• with Julie Erickson
  • Saturday, June 30pm
  • 2-4pm
  • $35
Master Class with Ricky Tran • Sunday, June 4th with Tracy Carruth
  • Release tension
  • Enhance yoga practice and postures
  • Bring greater balance and alignment
  • Create space in the body
  • Feel great!

Yoga Balance Studio is excited to host Julie Erickson with a gentle but powerful self-care tool and fitness practice, Yamuna Body Rolling. This wonderful practice utilizes various-sized balls to stimulate the bones, as well as draw muscles into their full length by moving on the ball. This takes pressure off the joints, bringing space and greater balance to the entire structure of the body. Join us for this introductory workshop. We will practice a series of routines that can result in released restrictions, increased blood flow, and improved alignment and healing throughout your body.

Please wear comfortable, movable clothing like you would for a yoga practice, (no loose clothing that might get caught up on the balls while rolling), and bring a notebook if desired. (Mats and other props available at the studio). Purchase of Yamuna Balls is not required for the workshop; however, space is limited due to the number of balls available. If you know in advance that you want to purchase a set of balls, please order from Julie ASAP; Contact Julie at 405-508-0753 with any questions, or if you prefer to research YBR on your own, check out the website at www.yamunausa.com.

About Julie Erickson

Julie Erickson is new to Texas, but not new to bodywork, as she has been practicing massage therapy for 25 years. Julie read about Yamuna Body Rolling in 2005 and knew she wanted to learn more in order to use the method with her clients as well as a self-care tool. After living overseas for seven years, she finally began her journey into Yamuna Body Rolling by becoming certified to practice and teach the Save Face work, using the Yamuna Face Balls, which she integrates into her massage practice. She completed her training as a YBR instructor last fall, and is very excited to bring this work to North Texas.